Finger Lakes Trusted Custom Modular Home, Pole Barn & Garage Builder

Welcome to Horst Custom Homes, where we transform dreams into reality. Based in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, our family-operated business stands on the pillars of vision, dedication, and hard work. Specializing in building homes, pole barns, and garages, our aim is to be the foremost in our field.

Horst Custom Homes is a general contractor specializing in the building of custom modular homes, log cabins, pole barns and garages. Located in Canandaigua, New York and established in 2022, Horst Custom Homes has been serving the Finger Lakes region and central New York ever since. 

We offer a large catalog of homes, log cabins and pole barns that are completely customizable to fit your residential, commercial or agricultural needs and function. Horst Custom Homes is dedicated to building beautiful quality buildings and homes quickly and on budget, with prices starting at $118,000 for custom residential homes. 

Our Journey

It all started with a vision. Jonathan Horst, a man on a mission, teamed up with his father, Jacob Horst, whose prowess in managing paperwork and quotes laid our foundation. Together, they navigated the first year, setting a robust path for growth and success.

In January 2024, our story embraced a new chapter with the arrival of Javin, our Chief Operating Officer. A former owner of a logging company for five years, Javin’s shift from logging to construction was a strategic move influenced by market trends and a passion for building. His extensive experience in business management, coupled with expertise in construction and excavation, makes him an invaluable asset in our operations.

Our Team

Jonathan Horst, CEO: The visionary with big dreams and a strategic mind, leading both Horst Family Construction and Cachet Capital.

Jacob Horst, President of Sales and Financials: Ensuring smooth operations through meticulous handling of paperwork and quotes.

Javin, COO: Bringing a wealth of business management experience, he oversees our day-to-day operations, guaranteeing excellence in all projects.


At Horst Custom Homes we are more than builders and investors; we are creators of memories and dreams. We aspire to be the leading construction firm in the region, known for our craftsmanship, reliability, and customer-centric approach. Whether building homes, pole barns or garages, we commit to providing the best customer experience, characterized by skill, clear communication, and exceptional workmanship.

Join us on this journey as we build not only structures and investments but also strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Your dream project is our mission.

Jonathan Horst, Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Horst, CEO

With 11 years of experience in the construction industry, Jonathan Horst was the founder and continues to be the corner stone of Horst Custom Homes. His extensive management background has been instrumental in driving the company’s success.

Jonathan is not only the glue that holds the team together but also the driving force behind our innovative projects.

Beyond his professional life, Jonathan and his wife, Susan, cherish the Finger Lakes Region, particularly enjoying its ideal fishing weather. Additionally, Jonathan is the President of the Woods and Wildlife Outdoor Show, where he leverages his expertise to ensure the 3-day event runs smoothly.

Jacob Horst, President – Sales / Financials

Jacob Horst, Sales Manager and President

Jacob Horst brings a wealth of experience to Horst Custom Homes as our Sales Manager for modular homes and Chief Financial Officer. His diverse background spans carpentry, masonry, cabinetry, electrical work, electronics, and drywall, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of multiple facets of modular home construction.

Jacob’s career journey includes valuable experience in sales, having worked at a nursery where he gained insights into landscaping and hardscaping. His hands-on knowledge across various trades has proven invaluable in his current roles.

Having retired from dairy farming, Jacob now dedicates his expertise to the management and leadership team at Horst Custom Homes, ensuring excellence in both our financial operations and sales strategies.

Javin Hoover, Chief Operating Officer – Project Management

Javin Hoover, Chief Operating Officer

Javin Hoover, the Chief Operations Officer at Horst Custom Homes, plays a crucial role in managing projects and ensuring quality control. His designing nature is invaluable when helping homeowners envision their dream projects.

Javin’s diverse background includes construction, excavation, and owning a logging company, which has given him a comprehensive understanding of project steps. This experience is essential when quoting and designing projects. Javin handles quality management and oversees much of the quoting process. In addition to his role at Horst Custom Homes, Javin is the CEO of the Woods and Wildlife Outdoor Show, where his expertise ensu

Cachet Capital LLC
Owned by Javin and Jonathan is a premier real estate company specializing in buying and developing prime building lots. Our mission is to provide prospective homeowners with the opportunity to purchase ready-made homes tailored to their preferences. For those who do not own property, Cachet Capital offers a range of building lots, allowing clients to acquire both land and a house in one seamless process.